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Simply Fill, Spray G��G��Kill G�� ItG��s as easy as that to get rid of your annoying weeds

The new Hozelock Wonderweeder offers an efficient, alternative solution for treating weeds on driveways, paths and patios using a weed killer of your choice. Perfect for spot weeding, it has many advantages over a traditional sprayer. Lightweight and easy to use it has a wide range of benefits.

No need to bend down – The upright design allows weeds to be treated and without the need to constantly bend down

Refillable G�� No wastage as the product is refillable. Fill up with the weed killer of your choice, remembering to follow the chemical supplierG��s instructions and dosing ratio guidelines

Easy to measure – The handy dosing cap located in the base of the handle is graduated from 1ml to 5ml to allow accurate measuring of concentrated weed killing solutions. The transparent grey plastic tube has a 300ml capacity.

Push Go – The weed killer is easily dispensed by pushing down on the ergonomic handle at the top of the Wonderweeder. Depending on the weedkilling solution being used, one application should be sufficient for most weeds, but two is recommended for larger ones.

Accurate Spraying – It offers accurate spraying via the nozzle located within the protective cone. This avoids the accidental spraying of surrounding plants, which can easily happen with traditional sprayers. The 1 metre length enables the treatment of weeds in hard to reach areas

For Safety – The easy-to-twist safety lock mechanism offers peace of mind for when the unit is stored away. For additional safety the Wonderweeder should be stored out of reach of children.