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Has the handle of your favourite mug broken off? Are you looking for a strong glue to mend precious china? Look no further than Loctite Super Glue Mini Trio!

Loctite Super Glue Mini Trio 3 x 1g contains three one-shot tubes, so you’re always ready for a quick repair job on the go! Loctite Super Glue Mini Trio provides strong and reliable solutions for your gluing task at home. Convenient small-sized pipette for travel emergencies. Small enough to fit into any sized bag. Fast and secure, its liquid formula bonds in seconds, with a new water-resistant formula!

This multi-purpose glue helps you to easily handle any kind of small daily repair job around the house! Providing instant strength, transparent drying technology and an anti-clog cap, Loctite Super Glue Mini Trio ensures durable, long-lasting and invisible repairs. This practical, transparent glue works on a variety of materials G�� from wood, rubber, plastic* and more G�� it even works as a leather glue. This instant glue not only withstands heavy loads but is also shock-resistant and serves as a waterproof glue and a heatproof glue, proving reliable for a huge range of requirements and users.

*(except PE/PP)